Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Adventures

We're neck-deep in packing and preparing for a long road trip. Rhys, pictured at left, is definitely ready to head west and show off his new hat. Molly is less enthusiastic about wearing her cowgirl hat. The three of us are going to visit some friends and family and do a little dog showing along the way. This highly neglected (until now) blog will be our trip diary and main method of updating the folks back home. We should have some great tales to tell.

Jerry would love to come along and leaving him behind is a bit painful for me. At 13 and a half years old, unable to use his rear legs, the trip would be uncomfortable for him, and more than a bit difficult for me to manage all of our activities. So, he'll stay home and be the watchdog, back-up doorbell, and cat humbler.

Our first stop is Aurora, Colorado where my friends have promised a relaxing visit with some great food and drink, perhaps a picnic or two, perhaps a little shopping. My next post will be from Colorado.....k

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