Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adventures in Loveland and Fort Collins

It all started about about 17 or 18 years on a road trip to Northwestern Pennsylvania. John and I traded off driving and every time it was my turn to drive it rained. Sure seems I have been driving in rain on vacations or dog show trips ever since. So naturally, when I left Aurora Friday afternoon, the clouds were beginning to gather. About 30 minutes into the drive north, the rain began along with a stiff cross wind. The rain turned into a deluge. Fortunately, everyone on the road slowed down to aboutg 45 mph. Even with the wipers going top speed visibility was crap. About five miles from the exit for our motel, the rain started letting up. By the time we checked in and unloaded, the sun was starting to shine again. I just wanted to collapse and de-stress from the drive. But facing 8 am ring time for the show the next morning, I settled Molly and Rhys in their crates with dinners in the room, then got back in the car for the 9 mile trip to the show site.

Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful. The mountains are so close to the west of the highway, it was hard not to pull over and take a few pictures of the sunlight bouncing off the snow caps. Weather was beautifully pleasant. Rhys showed well and got first place in the Open Dog class then went Reserve Winners Dog. I am very proud of how well he did in his first show in seven weeks.

We met several area Corgi people. Julie Yamane and her lovely girl Joy. Julie posts to a couple of the Corgi email lists I'm on and it was so nice to meet in person.

She introduced me to some other folks, including Joann from Wyoming who has a lovely fluffy boy competing in obedience, Karen with Pems in Rally and Conformation.

Sunday's excitement in the next post.......K

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