Sunday, June 21, 2009

On The Road

Monday morning already. I think we've recovered from Saturday's 10 hour drive. Molly and Rhys have slept a bit more than usual. The picture at right was taken outside Limon, CO on I-70. And yes, I drove in rain again-thank goodness for new wiper blades and new tires.
We had a quiet Sunday, first day of summer. I sorted out the "stuff" from the car and organized the motel room we'll be in for another five days. Then spent the afternoon with my friend, Gynia, and her family, sitting on the front porch sipping iced tea and catching up on several years of life events. I thinkb perhaps, maybe, her big Siamese kitty, Spike, may have forgiven me for bringing "dog smell" into the house. Molly and Rhys, hung out on their shady patio where they could see the cats through the patio door and Molly let us know each time they moved. Rhys was more interested in the sniffing flower boxes and lounging on the top step to their hot tub.
Today, we are off to the mountains so I have little time to add more for now. Molly and Rhys get to come along. Will definitely have some pictures from Mount Evans, 11,000 feet......K

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