Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Hanging out in Aurora

The past couple of days have not been nearly as exciting as the trip to the mountains. Here are Rhys and Molly lounging on Gynia's patio one morning while we enjoyed coffee and conversation at her table under the supervision of her cat, Sassy. I've done some minor exploring and a little shopping. It is amazingly easy to find places here and drive to them. Yesterday I found this little European Deli, actually it's a Russian deli. I bought some tea and cookies there. Then found a Starbucks and treated myself to a frappacino - it was a warm day. When I got back from my little excursion, I took Molly and Rhys for a long wandering walk around the neighborhood near the motel. After that they took up their favorite sleeping spots in the room. Molly on the bed and Rhys under the desk area using my shoes as a pillow.

Today I organized the load in the car and organized the things in the room for loading tomorrow morning. This afternoon I surprised Molly and Rhys with a trip to a really nice place called U Shampooch.

Rhys made an attempt to look brave in the tub, Molly was not pleased in the least. But finally, here they are in the crate waiting for me to pay and gather up our stuff. Two lovely, sweet, clean, and dry dogs. Of course we drove back to the motel in a complete downpour and were all three fairly wet when we got to our room. We have made new friends at the motel everyday, but the night Security Guard loves to greet them during our last potty walk. He noticed tonight that their coats were a little softer.

Tomorrow I'll meet Gynia for breakfast after she gets off a 12 hour ER night shift. After that I must finishing the packing up for our show weekend in Loveland, load up the Road Crew and make the drive north. Thank goodness it's just over an hour away. I don't know when I'll get to write another update. It's going to be a busy weekend. In addition to the shows, I'm going visit a woman who used to be a neighbor before moving to Estes Park. Sunday afternoon we're going to visit with a friend of Rhys' breeder. She has a large fenced yard so the Corgis can have some real romping time. K

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