Sunday, July 5, 2009

Farewells to Colorado, Hello Texas via New Mexico

Monday, June 29, and I have to leave Loveland. I am still amazed by the sight of the mountains so close and find myself reaching for the camera even when stopping at a gas station!
My friend of 38 years and I enjoyed some iced tea and girl-talk on
her front porch during my last afternoon in Aurora.
I took several pictures on the road over the next two days' road trip from Aurora to Austin, Texas. This one is near Colorado Springs. There is a large cluster of antenna on the top of this "hill." I was told that there is an underground military installation near there.
This one taken from I-25 nearing Pueblo, CO. Just found the clouds over the mountains and the shapes interesting. Nearing Trinidad, CO in this next picture. And not far into the Northeastern corner of New Mexico, Capulin Volcano - an extint one, but it helped explain the black volcanic rock outcroppings I saw in the area.
Late afternoon with clouds beginning to look stormy straight ahead of me, I saw this sign. Then this appeared over Amarillo. We spent the night in Amarillo and left for Austin the next morning, Wednesday, July 1.

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